The state of the climate

How can we begin to address the global, insidious problem of climate change — a problem that’s too big for any one country to solve alone? Economist Nicholas Stern lays out a big vision for cooperation, with a payoff that goes far beyond averting disaster. He asks: How can we use this crisis to spur…

Big data is better data

Self-driving cars were just the start. What’s the future of big data-driven technology and design? Is big data always better data? In a thrilling science talk, Kenneth Cukier looks at what’s next for machine learning — and human knowledge. Watch »Method

How to reinvent the apartment building

In 1967, Moshe Safdie reimagined the monolithic apartment block with Habitat ’67 in Montreal, where every unit had a garden and sunlight Nearly 50 years later, he believes the need for better apartments is greater than ever. In this short talk, Safdie surveys 4 projects that bring sunshine and fresh air into densely packed cities.…

“Am I dying?” The honest answer

05:33 minutes · TED@NYC Matthew O’Reilly is a veteran emergency medical technician on Long Island, New York. In this talk, O’Reilly describes what happens next when a gravely hurt patient asks him: “Am I going to die?” — and the personal choice he made to tell the truth. Watch now »Trust

What makes us get sick?

Rishi Manchanda is a doctor in South Central Los Angeles, and he’s come to realize: His job isn’t just about treating a patient’s symptoms, but about getting to the root cause of what makes them sick — the “upstream” factors like a poor diet, a stressful job, a lack of fresh air. It’s a powerful…

The next window into our universe

Big Data is everywhere — even the skies. In an informative talk, astronomer Andrew Connolly shows how large amounts of data are being collected about our universe, recording it in its ever-changing moods. Just how do scientists capture so many images at scale? It starts with a giant telescope … Watch »Method

The magic of the Amazon: A river

The Amazon River is like a heart, pumping water from the seas through it, and up into the atmosphere through 600 billion trees, which act like lungs. Clouds form, rain falls and the forest thrives. In a lyrical talk, Antonio Donato Nobre talks us through the extraordinary symphony that is nature.  Watch »Effort

What’s next in 3D printing

Just like his beloved grandfather, Avi Reichental is a maker of things. The difference is, now he can use 3D printers to make almost anything, out of almost any material. Reichental tours us through the possibilities of 3D printing, for everything from printed candy to highly custom sneakers. Watch »Innovation

A park underneath

Dan Barasch and James Ramsey have a crazy plan — to create a park, filled with greenery, underneath New York City. They are developing the Lowline, an underground greenspace the size of a football field, housed in a trolley terminal abandoned in 1948 — and using technology that harvests sunlight. Watch »Innovtion