QTiMERs constantly think on HOW to:

  • Q-uicken the Speed of Learning
  • T-arget and Reduce the Noise in the Learning Landscape
  • I-mpart Focused and an On-going Learning
  • M-ake Learning Interesting, Absorbing and Rewarding
  • E-ngage Learners to the Challenges of Learning
  • R-estore Questioning and Acquiring as core constants in QTiME Learning

QTiMERs follow these Work ethics:

  • Show Inner resolve, Focus and Respect for Learning
  • Expect nothing, Achieve everything
  • Learn, Unlearn, Relearn constantly
  • Forever work to create only one class – Educated
  • Learn when Change is Constant
  • Eager to Embrace New, Diligent to Validate the Source
  • Aim for Continuous and Cyclical Learning
  • Respect Every Leaner’s point of view
  • Integrate QTiME Quadrants for new Learning methods and approaches
  • Experiment with QTiME Quadrants to create new learning

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