Thai Cave Rescue – talking points for learning

Google won’t help

The current generation is being trained to use Google voice or Alexa or other talking devices to seek help to know something that they have come across new  – either to interact with it or to understand it. They often forget that stored knowledge and the skills needed to use it must be harnessed over time. Any skill acquisition prequels stored knowledge used repeatedly.The combination of those skills and the knowledge so acquired are prominently used in rescuing those who got trapped in the cave. Outsourcing that knowledge to Google or other talking devices to get help when needed from these would have resulted in a monumental failure under these circumstances for those skilled divers to rescue the kids.

Elon Musk won’t help

It is often misunderstood that technology can be used to aid a production of an intelligent equipment that far outweighs the decision making capabilities of the human beings under trying circumstances. However, the decision making process itself is not a binary tree decision process, but a combination of many factors each with their own probability of success to arrive at a decent plan of action. While IBM Watson can win chess games or topple players in TV game shows where the instant access to the stored knowledge is the only criteria, the high risk and unknown terrain can only be dealt with experienced human beings who can formulate strategies on the go to win hostile environments rather rely upon the stored knowledge where they are most likely to prove to be of hindrance to the job at hand.

Who will help?

It is possible only by other human beings who can interact with other human beings irrespective of their status in the society or the position they hold as politicians or businessmen or tradesmen. Each will understand their systems significantly well, but when there arises a need to communicate across these systems to reach those who are within that system to perform would be a monumental effort to succeed. Fastest way to communicate is to zero down on one aspect of the rescue – how can we help through the knowledge we have about our systems to put people within our systems to action?

Talking Points to enable Learning

  1. Humanity gathered to serve a common purpose will not fail. The support from the community, the government, volunteers and many other entities forming the colorful threads of our human societies around the world will gather to help even when not asked.
  2. Skills required to get the rescue under way requires massive planning that singularly need to address removing the obstacles they can foresee and fail to foresee by providing the necessary support through knowledge and skill systems comprising of engineers, doctors, nurses, construction workers, demolition experts, lifesavers including divers, and many others outside these core skill sets lending support through social media, news broadcast and most importantly the politicians putting aside their differences, at least for the length of the time that rescue operations are in progress.
  3. Amount and the diversity of the equipment used to support the rescue operation is mind boggling. 20+ tons of equipment had to be hauled in and out of the caves. Medical, mechanical, electrical, technological, and many other categories of devices were used to ensure the cave becomes hospitable enough to mount rescue operation.
  4. Importance of hope and spiritual leadership through the coach (in this case the coach also happens to be a monk) cannot be ruled out in the success of these types of rescue operations. Not only the coach helped the boys to stabilize their minds in preparation of any outcome, but also helped their bodies to cope with it including dying of hunger. His motivational acts are to be exemplified in each teacher to have their students to build tough minds to deal with ups and downs that a life’s twists and turns throw at them

Heads up for the life complexities facing current generation

I believe the new generation is ill-equipped to develop the tough mindset that these boys displayed during their rescue. This cannot be taught at schools but it comes from the learning communities they live in, the support they get outside schools to be inquisitive and the education that they receive from outside entities that may not be readily identifiable as teachers and the adversities they face to use their knowledge so acquired and apply to deal with the situations they face.

Weakeners in the system

  1. Many a times compensation systems make un-motivated many to be dependent on an expectation of receiving a compensation and fail them to get them out of the dependency unless some other systems exist to provide them better prospects with easier efforts. It is this mindset of why struggle so much to earn extra few dollars when simpler avenues exist and hopelessly these simpler avenues often leading them to commit crime. I doubt that even the well-intended efforts of a government or a community or a teacher  could bring such better prospects to distract them from these simpler avenues towards worthy available avenues to choose from. Unless they hit ground zero, and know that it is the ground zero for them, they will not be able stand up and walk tall and pursue those worthy avenues to contribute as citizens of new world order.
  2. Too many of them are insulated from the harshness of life because of the growth of the service industry and the virtual world that is being increasingly created around them by technology. The brick and mortar setups of 20th century saw more blood on their hands to prosper than those who are now doing startups on internet or from cozy offices.
  3. Urbanization of regional population makes even the hard working folks to fall prey to pursue easy money and easy life. When farmers get to open up their land to provide other amenities like camping areas for urban visitors to make some easy money, I worry that the easy money that they can so earn may make them complacent to go back to farming.
  4. Liberalism is not good if it promotes unnecessary activism amongst the majority of the public. Those kinds of activities waste everyone’s time with no progress. Every move away from the traditional activities engaged by a larger public by a small minority will result in frictional forces affecting majority and it will consume everyone’s time that could have been better invested for other purposes.
  5. My major concern is that the gender equality has been taken too far with no real progress to match that effort. Someone wasting thousands of dollars and time just to change the pedestrian crossing signs from Male to Female is ridiculous. There are differences between genders and few exceptions cannot be generalized to be applicable equally to everyone across the gender barriers. You are born with a gender – either male or female. Transformations that happen later in life are all life-induced mostly and to some extent biologically-induced. While I respect everyone’s views on how one should be allowed to lead their life, the cries of failure of their rights sometimes become ridiculous. A girl being refused a haircut at a barbershop cannot be a candidate for compensation under equality rights. Entities exist where they serve specific customers. We have ladies only gym for a good reason and we have men only barbershops similarly. They co-exist and nothing is wrong with them. We do have separate toilets for men and women and nothing wrong with that too. The need for courts and the compensation systems to serve such silly purposes and to make decisions to award or not to award exorbitant compensation amounts need a fresh look.

Strengtheners in the system

  1. I believe two types of folks are important for the humanity to sustain the harsh and changing world – Farmers and Spiritual leaders. Both of them have been given less importance in growing the communities these days. Out of these two all other categories emerge and can sustain if they don’t forget these root categories.
  2. Liberalism is good if it aids progress in scientific discoveries to normalize misguided cultural and ethnic diversities.
  3. Gender equality is good if the efforts match the progress made no matter of minor the community is.
  4. Multi-cultural assimilation is good to develop tolerance towards diverse cultures thereby strengthening the threads of the community landscape that color them.
  5. Globalism is good if it promotes common purpose of developing an economy of the nation without subverting the economy of another