Founder’s Pursuit

Pursue QTIME learning as an Educator, Researcher and as an IT Professional to bring about changes in the way in which education is administered in the 21st century as technology transforms the way learn.

Most of my recent work has been in the IT knowledge management area targeting primarily the needs of the training and education by addressing the needs through a well developed curriculum and a well managed delivery. I strive to educate, motivate and train users in the technologies and the methodologies that are relevant to and prevalent in the 21st century to make learning interesting, absorbing and rewarding.

Becoming an Educator started as a by-product of the tragic school violence that began at the turn of the 20th century. I have worked tirelessly and diligently since then to find ways to engage the young minds in learning and to disengage them from the mounting distractions of the 21st century. I believe there are ways to leverage distractions to aid learning and QTiME has found an unique way to do it.

QTiMERs Pursuit

Our pursuit and belief is that the 21st century education needs a fresh look and a fresh start. Instruction based learning though streamlined the teaching in 20th century, it now needs a fresh start. This fresh start is constructive in its approach, but disruptive in its thinking. Our pursuit and belief are greatly shaped by the opportunities and the diverse roles that were made available to us in the education sector globally, spanning many countries including USA, Australia and India.

In USA, the opportunities given to the founder to become a member of the advisory board for McHenry County College and a member of the Technical Directions committee for School District 300 expanded his learning and teaching horizon. It stimulated his efforts and cemented his beliefs that Education and Skills are the two sides of a coin and must be integrated to prepare the learning for 21st century. It was further accelerated by the invitation he received to join the entrepreneurship board at Elgin Community College. All of that resulted in formulating a new approach to learning named as QTIME learning.

We have presented the QTIME learning concepts, and, its approach as a new way of learning through many talks, speeches and discussions to many organizations including McHenry County College, Camden County College, in USA; National Skill Development Corporation, Infosys, PES College, COEP, Mahajanas, EduSat and many other professional bodies around the country, in India. Countless talks and presentations are continuing around the world including Australia. The talks, the depth and the width of these talks, the encouraging feedback that we received is making this as a learning movement, to explore and help everyone to view the education landscape from many vantage points.

The QTIME learning provides learning in a Four dimensional setup. With its simplistic framework and a simpler and an actionable Four-Step process, it provides a platform for a wider acceptance, and, at many levels. It provides a valuable insight on how the existing educational infrastructure can be transformed for the 21st century. The tools and the methods that work for the 21st century can be seen as one of the many ways to manage chaos. There will always be a fear of change to embrace any new learning concept. However the realization that the potential benefits will be much greater can only happen when the initial fears subside. We have learnt it through the years as IT professionals to manage the disruptive changes of technology – we often call it embracing the bleeding edge of technology.

In the skills management area, we continue to develop strategies to facilitate and foster partnerships with companies around the globe in an effort to source diverse skills for a successful project delivery. This includes recruiting, providing project specific contract staff and providing consultations in finding the right resources for the job.

Founder’s Bio

All this is grounded in the excellent education the founder was fortunate to receive. He graduated with a B.Sc degree from Bangalore University with top honors with a ranking in Top 10. He graduated with top honors with a M.E degree in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Science. He tinkered with the prospects of getting an MBA degree from University of Canberra and a Diploma from Securities Industries of Australia. They ended up becoming few of many relaxation activities that he pursued and became the foundation for continuous learning. His self-directed activities span the entire pyramid, learning HTML, PHP, CSS, Website design at the bottom of the pyramid to designing playbooks for successful consultations in corporate strategies. His relaxation activities include reading technology, educational, Vedic and philosophical books to keep sharpening mental agility; playing games of strategy like Chess to flex mental muscles; meditating to lessen distraction; practicing yoga to be physically agile; playing Golf as a game for its lure as a game that tests the limits of science and individual skills. He connects with his professional colleagues on LinkedIn and Twitter. He is a member of many educational discussion groups on LinkedIn outside alongside his professional discussion groups.

He is very humble to say that his life is as fragile as any other human being. But he is mindful of the fact that it is necessary to carry on with the belief that existential life matters to continue the contribution in many useful ways possible.