Follow the growth of IT industry from its inception as a mainframe driven technology limited to a basement of a secured building to a technology that now runs on billions of devices as apps.

It is easy to see how the various components of technology including software, hardware and network have come together over many decades to either satisfy a business requirement or deliver a product to meet the most common and the most urgent needs of the business community while maintaining the demands of technology at its peak at all times.

Hence, the focus extends to the business community. It is the community where the giant strides are enabled by technology and will continue to be enabled to greater extent in 21st century. Noteworthy are the changes in the recreational software covering gaming community, movie community, chat community, and, networking community – affecting overall-learning of individual business entities in each of these communities. We are sure it will soon wipe out the distinctions and the differentiation of each and make every community to converge onto a technocratic community as a whole. Technology has permeated our lives and continues to broaden our understanding no matter how we obtain education.

However, the giant strides are possible only through constant learning and training of individuals who make up a business, drive a business and grow a business and not by increasing the consumerism of the technology itself.


Synthesize your experiences in the best possible way by following the Body of Knowledge concept. Technology has progressed from the areas of SDLC and ALM and their related areas to a broader area of liberal sciences constantly widening the possibilities that technology can enable. Find time in spite of your professional commitments to be able to include contributions from your friends and colleagues.

Make an effort to communicate what you know through this media and any other media of your preference. This website will mature with the help from others to build knowledge databases not only in IT and IT related areas, but also in other areas. We need a motivational environment not only to succeed in our lives, but also to help others to succeed their lives.

The volatility of the Profession and the on-going need for continuous learning. This corner welcomes you to understand the diversity in its wider spectrum and the specialization of  knowledge or a skill from its roots.