Pro-Choice vs Pro-Life vs Pro-Me

Pro-choice vs Pro-life (ProC vs ProL). Why this interested me now?

For a long time choosing between these two options always presented some ethical and moral choices. Given the lenses under which they are viewed under, both options present a strong case to choose them.

This is the main dividing human-issue that separated Democrat way of thinking from the Republican way of thinking. One thinking chooses health to sacrifice a life and the other chooses life to sacrifice health or going further losing another life. If I deep dive into the stances taken by each party’s on an overall care of a human being, then there is no difference. Are you surprised with my assessment? Because, both parties support human life in one way or the other.

When I propose a third choice that I call Pro-human (ProH), then both of these ProC and ProL choices should make sense and should cease to exist on their own merits or rights.

If we draw upon our knowledge of humans and survival over a long period of time, we seem to fall under a group of species who wants to control our own destiny and move towards seeking approval either through monarchial system of governing or democratic system of governing or through some other system of governing to support our existence. If I am told that I am free to speak and free to choose, in democratic setting of 21st century, those who govern me I will then move towards choosing those who agree with my freedom of choice – may it be ProC or ProL. If, however, both of these are removed from those who are exercising control over me through these choices, but present an alternative that is ProH which gives me the freedom to choose depending on my circumstances, then I only need to ask those who govern me to support the decisions I make with respect to the choice I made. Then it becomes a ProH choice for me that can be supported both by the Republican way of thinking or the Democrat way of thinking ProH or do you want to call it Pro-Me?

I strongly feel that the choice between ProC and ProL should not be choice that is controlled by an outside processes when it affects me on the inside. If I am provided a support for both of these options without an external system pressuring me to make a choice, then I can really believe that freedom of choice is my freedom and is not curtailed by the freedom that I have given to someone else to govern my existence. If I sound like ProC, forgive me, it is Pro-Me.

So, go ProH to protect Pro-Me? So when I choose to continue life I have the freedom to choose ProL? And when I decide not to, I have the freedom to choose ProC? So I say this to everyone else, please take these choices out as your issues to govern me. I will let whosoever, either a family or a friend or a support group to help me to make a decision and expect to find all the support I need. Only then, I can focus on the real issues that govern our existence as a civilized community. Only then, I believe, the sustenance of our existence through the sustenance of our world can be achieved and not through these ProC or ProL megaphones.