We sometime don’t know how we embark on things unexpectedly. I got the urge to blog on education as I was scared at the prospects of seeing my kids graduating from many different countries and many different schools just because of the nature of my consulting work.

Even though it was daunting for my kids, I had prepared them for such possibilities. What was learnt from within and from the deep-rooted belief that success is a matter of self than anything else helped us to deal with the obstacles differently. The help coming from different institutions and different teachers  added to the learning process rather than taking anything away from it.

Sir Isaac Newton missed college for eighteen long months. However, he made revolutionary discoveries during that time. On the other hand, Albert Einstein never made a good impression of studying within the established methods of learning from schools and colleges, but did go onto become the father of modern physics.

Even though these examples are drawn from the experiences of individuals dating back some three centuries, the principles with which an education is derived in the 21st century remains the same. I decided to share my thoughts and insights on education through this avenue to help me to put down my thoughts of the day keeping them still connected to the central core of blogging on education. This seemed to be a much better choice when compared to the annoyance caused to many readers by way daily emails and/or alerts.