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    Learn about IPV6, Understand how it works and Configure

    Efforts expended is inversely proportional to the tools used to expend the effort. Skills developed in using a tool translates to developing newer tools and newer tools open up new skills to be learnt. The cycle of skills translating to new tools and tools translating to new skills is never ending and lays the foundation to the lifelong learning mindset. The players creating this cycle are the ones who create efficiency in the efforts spent to define productivity in newer terms in an ever changing landscape that creates goods and services for a sustainable world.

    Attain methods maturity by understanding the needs of learning and developing methods related to applying, benchmarking, collaborating and delivering the skills and knowledge gained by embracing QTiME Learning

    Develop innovative mindset by orchestrating unlearning, relearning, rebranding and resourcing techniques to achieve an innovative mindset irrespective of the discipline that needs mastering

    Learn all about different forms of trust, trust relations and leverage them to develop long lasting network of friends, colleagues and families.