Welcome to our Contributing QTiMERS.

Anyone who has to say something or has said something that can fall into QTiME framework for Learning will be recognized as a QTiMER.

QTiME learning is a holistic learning framework embracing learning through Trust, Innovation, Method and Effort dimensions. They are the corner stones to build upon a solid learning fundamentals that will last for a life time.

QTiME curriculum has to embrace all or most of the quadrants of these four dimensions to impart learning.

Learning curriculum could be self-developed or developed uniquely by others who fill in the role of a teacher, including parents, brothers, sisters, friends and colleagues.

I have posted many quotes drawn from all walks of life that relate to these dimensions.

I have posted TED Talks related to these dimensions.

I have blogged, forgive me for my irregular contributions, drawing upon my own experiences and my observations over all these years through many continents around the world.

I sincerely hope to make the blogs interesting from my rich travel experiences coupled with my diverse reading, It has enabled me to look at this world differently at different times, never stopping me to amaze me with the richness of human learning that is out there for anyone to acquire and understand, I sincerely hope that it can be done through this QTiME learning framework.

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