Virtual Communities of Practice, Session #2, Australia

Virtual Communities of Practice, Session #1, Australia

St. Pius X Primary School, Melbourne, Australia

Karnataka Association of Canberra, Canberra, Australia

Balwyn North Primary School, Melbourne, Australia


Students @ Collegiate Technical Education, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Faculty @ Government Polytechnic College, Karnataka, India

Novodaya School Principals @ RIMSE, Karnataka, India

Faculty @ College of Engineering Pune, Maharashtra, India

Faculty @ Mahajana Post-Grad Center, Karnataka, India


Superintendent @ D300 School District, Illinois, USA

Technical Directions Committee @ D300 Schools District, Illinois, USA

Members @ Algonquin Rotary Club, Illinois, USA

Members, @ Rotary Club Of Arlington Heights, @ Illinois, USA

Dean @ Workplace partnerships, Camden County College, New Jersey, USA

CIS-DGM advisory board @ McHenry County College, Illinois, USA