They may, I cannot

Here we go again! More lewd comments from Mr. Trump on women, whether it was private or public is not of any relevance here. What was more saddening is that some republican evangelists still believing in him. I cannot and have my own reasons to distant myself from such leaders even if they feel sorry about their past. I can, however, accept them as flawed persons and still be kind to them, befriend them after repentance and continue to accept them as part of the community.

I do see that religion is flawed as those who follow the religion are flawed. No religion is perfect in any sense. However, if we were to deal with leaders who are dealing with the world in the 21st century, it worries me.

There is a proverbial saying ‘see the growth of the tree from its seedling’. Along with, the saying ‘a young tree that went in-mended cannot be un-mended when it is fully grown’. From the perspective of the intrusive 21st century, small errors get amplified and every error will be noticed however small they are.

Running for a public office in 21st century needs both courage and character – courage to lead and character to sustain the leadership. Becoming a leader has the implicit power of turning a leader into a role model. Being in the public eye by being humble about your past, your sins and your commitments may help, but pursuing the highest office needs a character that respects the humanity at large in spite of its flaws and the courage to overpower the obstacles.

I was flawed not because I was born flawed, but because of the circumstances shaping me were flawed. Once realizing those flaws in my actions, either by myself or through others, those flaws were never repeated even when I found other flaws in my later years. I can only be myself by repenting and learning from the mistakes to grow solidly. It has to come from within and in the early stages of our lives. That’s what makes us different from other flawed people as we mature. Starting early and learning to correct the flaws with best efforts and best intentions, and, to continue to grow stronger by being so to be ever ready to take on the challenges that may come at any time, are the hallmarks of leaders.

I want to see that in Mr. Trump before I can accept him. If his remarks on Miss Universe are after these lewd remarks have been made, it goes to show that he has not bothered to correct his flaws and we have to start all over again to look for answers for those baffling questions on how he got nominated to be the republican candidate to run for the presidency.

If evangelists believe in family values, marriages and other aspects of what makes them conservatives with high respect for women and women in society, then Mr. Trump is very much flawed to receive their support. Yet some evangelists are ignoring such flaws to continue supporting him. They may; I cannot.