Software Development

Software development incorporates at its roots a way to program the processes and process flows. 21st century programming is not any more like programming in the 80s and 90s. It is more of putting together all the design elements that an architect can either dream of or create. The usual waterfall method of developing software applications is still being used in principle, but what is being done in each phase of the waterfall method is no where comparable to 80s and 90s.

Coupled with this exciting growth, we are now blessed with the maturity of the processes in Analysis, Design, Construction and Implementation. However, the complexity has increased not only due to the vendor managed and provided solutions, but also due to the accelerated development processes employing various methodologies and frameworks. Now add global connectivity from the business side and global spread of application development from the IT side, you have a situation ready to explode in Cloud computing.

Whether this explosion is good or bad will be a subjective opinion. ANSI standards were applied to COBOL programming when the software community had faced a similar explosion. UNIX world encountered a similar situation. But what now?

Is it all about OPEN SOURCE software vendors fiercely competing with proprietary software vendors? Perhaps the answer is yes. The competition has made some great inroads to new and exciting developments, but also has made the situation for the seekers of software solutions worst and leaving them utterly perplexed. This is where we as consultants who come in to lend the helping hand. This is made possible through our continuous learning process.

Website Creation

Many websites, including website, were created on platforms like MS FrontPage initially. The website is constantly being re-designed on two fronts. The technology front  and the content front always following the principles of COL. website is built using WordPress, Drupel, Moodle and Joomla and some customized php contents. These websites may be short-lived websites analogous to building them out of Lego pieces, destroying them and rebuilding again with new Lego pieces to suit the current taste.

MS Access Apps

We have created many apps using MS Access but a noteworthy few are listed under Products page.