I am an educator, researcher and an experienced consultant in the Information Technology and knowledge management areas. I educate, motivate and train users in the technologies and the methodologies relevant to and prevalent in their verticals. I create and develop course materials for IT professionals and for students pursuing IT coursework.

I assumed several diverse roles in the education sector, in USA, as a contributing member to advisory board for McHenry County College and as a technical advisor to Technical Directions committee for School District 300 expanded. In those roles, I assisted in developing course materials for students pursuing associate degrees at the colleges.

In the skills management area, I developed strategies to facilitate and foster partnerships to source diverse skills for a successful project delivery. This included recruiting, providing project specific contract staff and providing consultations in finding the right resources for the job.

As a researcher, I formulated QTIME learning framework to facilitate learning in any industry sector with minimal tools to acquire information distributed across many platforms. I have presented QTIME learning framework and concepts, and, its approach as a new way of learning through talks, speeches and discussions to many organizations including McHenry County College, Camden County College, in USA; National Skill Development Corporation, Infosys, PES College, COEP, Mahajanas, EduSat and many other professional bodies around the country, in India.

Software Engineer

I have managed, consulted and researched diverse industries including health, finance, manufacturing, warehousing and transportation in private sector and cargo processing in public sector. As a process consultant, I have provided services in both private and public sectors. I have managed software quality assurance services under various project management methodologies. I have assumed other management roles, as and when it was necessary, including program management, client management, vendor management and resource management. In my C-level roles, I created strategies to manage internet technologies that included web technologies, cloud computing, virtual data centers, distributed software development and BYOD adaptation.

As an Information Technology professional, I started my career at Tata Consultancy services (TCS). Over a period of five plus years, I managed several projects for TCS, both overseas and in India working closely  with end clients in collecting requirements  as a business analyst and managing development teams to design and deploy IT systems as a project manager. As a provide of BPO services, my work involved projects in USA, UK and Europe helping me to grow professionally, culturally and globally. As an independent consultant I continue serve clients in Australia, USA and India.


I graduated with top honors with a B.Sc degree from Bangalore University and a M.E degree in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Science. I tinkered with the prospects of getting an MBA degree from University of Canberra and a Diploma from Securities Industries of Australia.

I enjoy reading books related to technology, education, and philosophy; playing games like Chess indoors and games like Golf outdoors. I meditate and practice yoga. I connect on LinkedIn and Twitter. I am a member of many educational discussion groups following the chatter and to learn and apply the shared info as opportunities come by to serve and contribute.


Technology Differentiators:
  • Unique global perspective on project management coupled with excellent knowledge of emerging technologies, methodologies and architectures.
  • Experience in providing business process re-engineering and information re-engineering solutions across various platforms while incorporating vendor management for procurement of goods and services
  • Members or significant contributors, at various points in time, to many quality certification programs (SEI CMM Level 4, ISO 9000, SAIC and Tata Consultancy’s internal PM quality procedures to name a few).
  • Possess sharpened skills in problem solving, conflict resolution, team communications and customer relationship management.
  • Accomplished multi-faceted IT professionals with a proven record of management and analysis skills  in the areas of applications development, migration, and, integration on multiple platforms including Mainframes, Client/server and Web.
Non-Technology Differentiators:
  • Research Experience: Researching materials for presentations; for paper submissions at conferences; for mentoring end users; for advisory committees; for directions committees; for steering committees; for working committees;
  • Global Experience: Fortune 500 companies in countries including USA, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Australia and New Zealand
  • Multi-skilled: Project Leadership, System analysis, Business analysis, Quality assurance analysis, System Development, Database Administration; programming
  • SME(Subject Matter Expertise): Transportation (Toll-ways), Finance(Banking), Manufacturing, WMS, Identity Provisioning, Enterprise Networking, Cloud computing(Sever and Desktop Virtualization), Training and Education
  • Government:Both State and Federal and in countries like Australia and USA

The changing environment impacted by the progress of Technology makes technology to change – to serve the very same environment.When potentials for change are discovered through technology, the affected environment will change technology once again to continue the cycle of change all over.The COL paradigm helps us to remember the learning cycles and the travels required around the circle. The travel is as exciting as the learning itself.



Transcore, Pennsylvania; Farmers Insurance, California; ResortQuest International, Tennessee; ISTHA, Illinois; Kanan Fashions, Illinois; I2C, Illinois; Qantel, California


Maxware, Canberra; Unify IDM Solutions, Canberra; Australian Computer Society, Canberra; Independent Test Services, Melbourne; Australian Customs, Canberra; St. George Bank, Sydney; Advance Bank, Sydney; ANZ Bank, Melbourne; Citibank, Sydney; Unisys, Sydney; Tata Consultancy Services, Melbourne; Infosys, Melbourne

New Zealand

Ford Motors, Auckland; CCL Business Systems, Auckland; Manawatu Power Board, Palmerston North


TCS, Bombay; TCS, Chennai;RelQ, Bangalore; IBM, Delhi; KineticGlue, Bangalore ; Skillsonics, Bangalore;

  • USA
    • Systel Inc; SoftwareGT; Placement Strategies; ITTBlazers;
  • Australia
    • Quasar; Andersen Contracting;


Higher Education

| University of Canberra | Security Institute of Australia | University of Sydney | Indian Institute of Science |

Course Creation

| Tata Consultancy Services | Unisys, Australia | Transcore, USA | Sony, USA |

Professional Membership

| Australian Computer Society, Australia | IUCEE, India |

Talks and Webinars

QTiME Talks | | Art of Living | RIMSE |

Library Creation
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Scholarly Reviews

IUCEE Conference papers 2016/2017/2018


Some of us may argue that we have come a long way from the scriptures on walls to books in hands to get educated. Books have transformed into other education artefacts which are no more physical in nature.

So what is wrong in embracing whatever technology can offer today?

Taking their point in all its goodness I can offer to present a different viewpoint.

When the battery powers down the dissatisfaction of not able to turn the page on the e-reading device or when the software falls short to present the story in all its richness due to technology limitations, I feel a book in your hand may be worth an e-book on a digital device. Procure the essential reference materials for foundational learning in a form and style that will engage you lifelong.

Review of books collected are done over a period of time. Knowledge contained in some books may often become obsolete. Discover that many of them may not be gems, but a few of them will hold the truth for centuries to come.


CC – Competent Communicator

Institute: Toastmaster

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Diploma in Financial Securities

The volatility of the Changing World and the on-going need for continuous benchmarking will push us to the need of getting certified to increase the trust levels for the clients we serve. The corner serves as a place for benchmarking standards and institutions that exist today and how they need to evolve constantly to meet the demands of the changing world.

Begin to Benchmark the Acquired knowledge, the Collaborated knowledge and the Discovered knowledge
Repeat the process for the improvements made to discover the new standards required to differentiate.


2013 – Present
  • Founder, Researcher, Public Speaker | Qtime Learning, Australia
  • Education Volunteer, ARDOCH, Australia
  • Director, IUCEE, Australian Operations, Australia
  • Reviewer, IUCEE, India conferences, India
  • Mentor, ACS Melbourne, Australia
2012 – 2013
  • CTO (Chief Technical Officer) | I2C LLC, Illinois, USA
  • Board Member, CIS Advisory Committee, McHenry County College, Illinois, USA
  • Adviser, Technical Directions Committee, D300 School District, Illinois, USA
2008 – 2011
  • Principle Consultant, Research & Development | I2C LLC, USA
  • Business Development, India Operations | I2C, LLC, USA
2006 – 2007

AVP Sales | Systen Inc, Atlanta, USA

2004 – 2005

BDM | Australian Computer Society, Canberra, Australia

2002 – 2004

BDM | RelQ, Bangalore, India


Business Development Manager (BDM), Program Manager, Project Manager, Business Analyst, System Analyst, System Design/Programmer


I am proud of the roles I played in many leading-edge projects around the world that constantly tapped into my researching skills to be able to contribute at various levels, to manage IT infrastructure and to develop apps, provide consulting services in all areas of SDLC across many platforms and operating systems.