Life Corner

Here I talk about a bit about myself, my friends and my associations through the educational, spiritual, motivational and humorous lenses. I see contradictions, tug of wars within and the effects of push and pull of societies that I had to deal with living in several countries. Born Indian I inherit its rich culture that I value and make sure that it is still valued. It permeates all though my life no matter which corner of the world I live in India - is an eye opener for someone who would like to know more about India. Please have a look at the PowerPoint presentation. My travel stints through TCS took me to many countries. I found solace in New Zealand when I could finally pull myself out of the busy Mumbai living - to consider suitable place raise a family. However, the pain of being so far away from India made me think to move to some place that can still bring me closer to India continuing my life overseas as it was still shaping up. Moving to Australia I found that comfort and with the help from some of the wonderful communities and friends. It later got translated to adopting the beautiful yet rugged Australia as my home away from home

My choice of residence from then onwards oscillated between Australia and USA. It is not only because of what USA offered, but also because of the networking opportunity that it provided to reconnect with my old friends. Myself, Mark and Suresh were the room mates in Mumbai and to some extent it offered me a sense of  completion by travelling a full circle in my journey to be back at the place which offered so much but asked so little in return. USA being my residence, does not mean my journey will not experience these cycles all over again - perhaps it will, perhaps will not. The bubbling spirit of some of my friends like Mark will always be with me to wherever I travel.

Celebrating life is like icing on the cake for me. It gives me enormous pleasure and a sense of worthiness in living a fruitful life when I can recognize the people who shaped my life and are still shaping my life. I would like to see contributions coming from others. I truly believe that when small voices are heard together, will be heard miles and miles away to get noticed. May be that will help to steer the world we live in the right direction for all of us.

This corner relates to my dreams and struggles as a family person. I need to get this organized a bit more to present it as a life experience than as a personal struggle. That's when I would say one will discover the true meaning of life. However, the true meaning of life, when discovered, will not be limited to sharing within families and friends but will go beyond to contribute to the society from all those lessons learnt and the wisdom acquired.

Sports Corner

Golfer's corner is my solace in the midst of the life's struggle that many can relate, may be in different ways than mine. I find the game as frustrating and as rewarding as the life that I had stepped into.

My Corner

My fundamental belief that the individuals grow into families and families grow into societies and societies grow to form cultures that we see presently and will see many more in future is the basis on which the family corner will expand to accommodate contributions from others. I draw upon some of my experiences through the twists and turns of my journey to look at the true meaning of life to see whether my experiences can benefit others in some way. If I achieve that, I really feel that I have contributed something to the society that has helped me to discover many beautiful things in my life.


The flexibility needed in each person's approach to both personal and professional life.